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I'm Nickle, you may call me Nix for short. A 27-year old Filipina from Cavite. Loves pugs. Addicted to TV series. Fan of movies. Ebook hoarder. Music Lover. Likes taking pictures. Red is my color. Lost. Retired competitive swimmer. Singer in the shower. Dancer in the living room. Acting in real life. Dreams of becoming a triathlete some day. And I'm not joking. :|

This blog is an explosion of things i like and love.
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I liked these
Sally: Message from your sister
Larry: Oh, okay. [pause] What? What is it? What’s the message?
Sally: She’s out to go away for a bit.
Larry: Where?
Sally: Just a work thing, nothing to worry about.
Larry: Okay.
Sally: And…
Larry: And.. and what?
Sally: She loves you!
Larry: She what? [laughs]
Sally: She said to say, she just sort of… mentioned it. She loves you. That’s nice isn’t it?
Doctor Who 3x10 - Blink
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