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I'm Nickle, you may call me Nix for short. A 27-year old Filipina from Cavite. Loves pugs. Addicted to TV series. Fan of movies. Ebook hoarder. Music Lover. Likes taking pictures. Red is my color. Lost. Retired competitive swimmer. Singer in the shower. Dancer in the living room. Acting in real life. Dreams of becoming a triathlete some day. And I'm not joking. :|

This blog is an explosion of things i like and love.
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My book haul since Monday. This warehouse sale is draining my funds. Lol. Will make a vlog this weekend. Weee! #books #series

Good thing I got first dibs earlier this morning. Now, I need more money for a few more titles I want to get. Hmm…

Book buying ban? Is there such a thing?

This is one benefit of working at the mall. You get first dibs on big sales like this. National Book Store’s Warehouse sale is up to 80% off! I got myself tons of titles. Mostly series and some I wouldn’t normally buy on regular price. Even if I’m missing some titles from a series, it doesn’t matter.

The sale is on-going the whole week. I’ll have to check in from time to time to see if they add other titles I’m missing. My mother’s going to kill me with all the books I bought.

Forgot to post that I received a copy of Innocence in Time from Chai Galapon, the author. Thank you so much!

Toblerone Cheesecake from Larcy’s before and after. 😋